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First Aid for Families, Junior High Ministry Podcast

Katie Edwards described the junior high years with her kids as one of the best times with her student. She is joined by Brandon Robinson and Matt Heer to talk about having a sense of humor and enjoying this time of rapid development of your junior high student. Also talked about were emotional development, the mind’s transition from abstract to concrete and moments to be present with your student… car rides, dinner time, moments before bed and others. Great wisdom is shared in this special episode. More resources: https://saddlebackparents.com https://saddleback.thinkific.com/cour… https://saddleback.com/coronaresponse for additional tools for a better response. https://saddleback.com/smallgroups https://saddleback.com/watch https://saddleback.com/connect/minist… https://www.facebook.com/celebraterec… https://celebraterecovery.com To tell a friend about Doable Discipleship or share it on your social media, use saddleback.com/doable. For more resources to help you grow, visit saddleback.com/grow or email maturity@saddleback.com.

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