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Top 10 Ways To Make Father’s Day Fantastic

By June 13, 2019 No Comments

For All You Dads Out There…

10. Eat a steak…then some chicken wings.

9. Take a nap or two or three.

8. Force the rest of the family to listen to your favorite band from High School.

7. Give everybody in your family a gift…their very own necktie.

6. Insist the entire family go to church together.

5. Be selfish. It’s okay…it’s only one day a year.

4. Light something on fire for absolutely no reason.

3. Star Wars? Indiana Jones? Die Hard? Pick one…or all three!

2. Write a handwritten note to each of your kids detailing why you love being their dad.

1. Leave the toilet seat up.

Kurt Johnston

Next Gen Pastor at Saddleback Church
In youth ministry since 1988, Kurt Johnston has been at Saddleback Church since 1997, and currently supports the kids and youth ministry teams. Kurt has written almost 100 books, resources, and training curriculum to help encourage other pastors serving the next generation. Kurt and his wife, Rachel, live in Southern California and have two adult children.
Kurt Johnston

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