Tough Stuff

We gather videos, articles, and resources to help you through the TOUGH stuff that parenting throws at you.

Hope for Mental Health Community with Dr. J.P. Moreland, PhD

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Join Kay and Dr. J.P. Moreland as they share about anxiety. Dr. Moreland is the author of Finding Quiet: My Story of Overcoming Anxiety and the Practices that Brought Peace.…

College Ministry Profile

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Even though your college student is technically a young adult, they are still your child. Check out these frequently addressed topics that college students are facing today so that you,…

Tips for Talking to Your Kids about Tough Stuff

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We are navigating uncharted territory with the coronavirus and the closure of virtually everything “normal” in our day-to-day…schools, sports, extracurriculars, playdates, amusement parks, stores, and church. One thing is certain,…

A Message of Hope: Our Response to COVID-19

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To learn about Saddleback’s response to COVID-19, access Pastor Rick’s message notes, and complete a Connection Card visit

Wheel of Strength

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Join Dan Adams as he shares all about the Wheel of Strength, a vital resource in the prevention of suicide.

Trusted Adults

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Dan Adams dives deeper into the critical role that trusted adults play in the prevention of suicide. Learn how you can become a trusted adult and/or enlist the support of…

Suicide Prevention with Dan Adams | Hope for Mental Health Community

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At the September Mental Health Gathering, the emphasis was on all things suicide prevention. Join Kay Warren and team as they unpack this difficult yet crucial topic of conversation.

Kids and Mental Health

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Join the October Mental Health Gathering as Kay Warren and team look at the statistics, symptoms, and hope for kids and mental health.

Supporting Children Through a Mental Health Crisis

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A parent’s worst nightmare is hearing your child is struggling with thoughts of suicide. Kelly Rosati offers practical tools that she has learned from years of lived experience in supporting…

Max McGhee: Disarming the Acting Out

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A child who is acting out can simply stress you out as a parent. In this final video in the Tuff Stuff series learn how to communicate the message to…

Max McGhee: Correcting Principles

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Correction and intervention are inevitable parts of parenting.  This can feel even more daunting when parenting a child struggling behaviorally.  In this fourth video in the Tuff Stuff series figure…

Max McGhee: Connecting Principles

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Healthy relationships are at the heart of behavioral opportunities.  Dig deeper into the root causes of behavioral issues with your child in this third video in the Tuff Stuff series.…

Max McGhee: Empowering Principles

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In the second video in the Tuff Stuff series, learn all about the attachment cycle.  Identify and implement the empowering principles to build hope, trust, and stability in your home.

Max McGhee: Introduction

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What do you do when your child is displaying some tough behavior?  Especially if your child has undergone trauma? Learn how to begin to decode the behavior in order to…

JHM Sex Talks

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Check out what the 7th & 8th graders in Junior High Ministry learned about SEX  these past two weeks in Life Groups.  And then, parents of teenagers, take the time…