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Some things never go out of style…and words of affirmation and encouragement from mom and dad are at the top of the list.  So whether they let you know it or not, your children love to hear you pouring positive words into their lives.  Here are ten to get you started!

  • “You are getting so much better at _________________!”
  • “You are God’s hand-crafted masterpiece!”
  • “I can’t wait to see the way God is going to use you in this world!”
  • “Thanks so much for _______________, I know that wasn’t easy.”
  • “You can do it!”
  • “I know you are hurting…I’m here for you, and it will get easier.”
  • “I like you just the way you are!”
  • “It’s okay. I forgive you.”
  • “Good Job!”
  • “I love you.”

10 simple phrases that, when delivered at the right time, pack a powerful punch!

Kurt Johnston