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Moms, date your sons. There is no greater model for how your boys can treat a future girlfriend and spouse than with their very own mom. And it is never too early or too late to date your son. Ask him on a date today. You will not regret it! Here are 5 mom-son dates to consider:

  • Games Galore – games can take all shapes and forms. If finances are tight or babysitting for siblings doesn’t work out, set aside some one-on-one time with your son to play his favorite video game. Do not just sit and watch, pick up a controller and play a two-player game. Adventure out and go to Walmart, Target, Game Stop, etc. to play the video games they have on-display. This can be a silly and free date night out. Or go bigger to a local arcade or gaming zone like Dave & Buster’s to play the night away. If electronic games aren’t your’s or your son’s thing, then pull out board games. Our son LOVES Monopoly (that’s an understatement) so a full-fledged board game night would be the perfect focused time for him. Some local toy stores, game shops, and coffee stops even have game nights or games on-hand you can take a stab at.
  • Outdoor Adventures – the vast majority of boys would love to get some time out in nature with you. That could look like SO many different options. Take a walk, hike, or jog together. Explore a new territory, be it the beach or the snow. Go for a bike ride. Try your hand at fishing. Soak in the sun (or the snow) and get active together!
  • Food – the way to many men’s hearts is through their stomachs. The same may be true for your son. This can take the traditional tone of a date for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Grab a coffee/hot beverage before school. Sneak in some frozen yogurt or ice cream before bed. Go sweets tasting to your local candy store. Pack a picnic and head to the park. The possibilities are endless to feed your stomachs and your souls together as mother-son.
  • Special Events – this one takes a bit more advance planning and possibly funds. Check out what events are local and up-and-coming. It may be as simple as the latest movie release. Or as complex as booking tickets to Monster Trucks or their favorite band. Be on the lookout for what you think may peak your son’s interest. 
  • Choose Your Own Adventure – what does your son love to do? If you do not totally know, that is ok. That is the point of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” date. It can be a date that is 100% about what your son is interested in, 100% what you are interested in, or 50/50 split time for both of your interests. Either way, the key to success on this date is your focused attention and enjoyment. While it may not be your personal favorite, it’s your son’s. Take it as a time to learn about him and see him bask in what he loves to do. Or maybe it is a combined NEW adventure for both of you. Maybe neither of you have visited the local theatre for a musical OR gone rock climbing. Well now might be the time to choose this adventure together.
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