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When is there a good time to step out in faith? Is it when the waters are calm? Is it when the storm is raging? The best time to step out, is when God calls you to do so. I know that it isn’t easy to hear, but God never intended this to be easy, so strap on those boots and step into the storm.

This crisis has thrown everything into a jumble, but God is still working through this. It seems that everyone is now adopting a new furry family member, navigating online school or learning to bake bread. The world is slowly opening up again, but this has shown a light on a very broken piece of society. There is a major need that has surfaced in the foster care system and the world in general. Don’t mistake this for a new issue, but a more urgent one. People have been quarantining and having to stay in their homes and being leery of inviting people into their homes so the thought of inviting in a stranger to stay with them is totally out of the question.

God has urged us to care of the orphans. What better way to show His grace and love then by stepping out in faith and helping a child in need? Not everyone is called to foster or adopt, but you can help in other ways. Before we stepped into the foster care world, I wanted to shield our daughter from the hurts of the world, but my view has changed. She has been able to see how God worked through our family to help provide a safe and loving home for a child in need. She saw that it wasn’t easy, but she also witnessed the power of a family that is powered through God. We have also found that this need is worldwide. We are an all-nation congregation so these kids from other countries are part of our Saddleback world and need to be seen, to be heard, to be helped.

We have foster families who have taken in strangers or families taking in their own family and these people need help too. There are international adoptions that are paused and orphan hosting programs postponed. There is a spiritual need to sustain them during this time, there is a physical need of clothing and there is a need of community. This pandemic has shown the need for families, for parents, for love and for God.

I know this is a big ask during these times, but if God is stirring your heart for the orphans, don’t wait for this storm to be over, find a way to help today. Maybe God needs you to be the lifeboat for these kids or families. At the very least, we ask that you keep these kids and families in your prayers. Please be sure to check out the Orphan Care Initiative through Saddleback for ways to help these kids and families.

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