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Most nights, our family gathers together for family time. Some nights we shoot baskets on the Over the Door basketball hoop. Other times we talk about school, some random YouTube videos, or thoughts on God. Our sons, 11 and 14, are usually moving all-around and talking up a storm, developmentally appropriate for middle school boys.

But the last two nights have been quite different as they lay eerily still quietly looking to us for something, anything, to help make sense of what is happening in their world. I look into their eyes and I see the fear and anxiety mounting. My 14-year-old whispers, Mom, this is all so crazy. I think to myself, yes, son, it is.

My husband, Jeremy, and I spent the rest of family time in an on-going conversation to help them process their fears about the Coronavirus in developmentally appropriate ways.  We will continue to do so as long as it is needed. As we do, we also think of you, our Saddleback Parents.


You are looking into the eyes of your family, and, at the same time, have extended family and friends looking to you as well. We want you to know you are not alone at this moment. The LORD God, the One who closed the mouths of the lions and raised Christ from the dead, is the One we all share as Father, Wisdom, and Peace. We are in this together as a Bride and a People- the Church.

Below we share with you some articles we find helpful for parents to use in conversations about the Coronavirus.


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