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Do you kids ever have one of those days where the clumsy gene sets in BIG time? Despite their best efforts, every and anything is causing them to trip, fall and fumble throughout the day. Maybe it’s spatial awareness as they’re growing into their ever-growing limbs? Maybe it’s tiredness setting in? Or maybe you have a little one who just needs “up please?”

The other day, our littlest one had one of these days where she fell seemingly every where we went. Tripped in the parking lot, slipped on the tile, stumbled on the stairs and fell in the grass. The battle scars were evident with skinned knees, scraped shins, and bloody palms that were wiped off, band-aided and kissed over and over again. Despite the obvious signs of the day, we pushed onwards to end our day with a hike…because that’s a GREAT idea after the day of we’ve been having already!?!? Nonetheless we pushed onwards with the plan and her hesitance was evident. She walked slower and more tentatively despite having traversed these paths multiple times before. She held tightly to my hand constantly repeating, “Don’t let me fall, mommy.” And my repetitive response was “Sweetie, I’ve got you.” Over and over again. Up and down the dirt trails. We arrived at our destination and returned to our vehicle without a spill to be told. Amen.

But, even better than having an injury-free adventure, it reminded me of a powerful truth that is all too applicable in this season:

God is saying the SAME thing to you and me in this season, “I’ve got you!” You might feel like you are falling, fumbling, and even failing over and over again. But pick yourself up, dust off your battered, bruised limbs and reach out to Him. He’s got you! He wants to hold your hand as you climb the steep mountains. He wants to hold your hand as you are coasting and walking along. He wants to hold your hand when things are sliding downhill. “I’ve got you!” is His response in these difficult times.

And even though I held TIGHTLY to my daughter’s little hand and reassured her time-and-time again, she did not suddenly have an epiphany of calm confidence. She still walked a little slower and with tentative footsteps. Can you relate? Even though we may KNOW that God is saying, “I’ve got you!” in the loneliness, the unemployment, the stress and so much more, that may not offer an immediate sense of relief. That is okay! Here is what my daughter did that has  taught me what to do likewise with my Heavenly Father:

  • Continue to hear His reassurance. Repeat it in your own head, over-and-over again.
  • Keep your eyes looking up at Him.
  • Walk slowly and intentionally with Him.
  • Cry out when you are scared.
  • Take a break when you need to just pause.
  • Know that this too shall pass.

Grateful when God uses our children as His mouthpiece in the simplest and the deepest ways. Today, look up at our Heavenly Father and hear His, “I’ve got you!”

Liza Gant
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