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By Jason Pogue

If your students are anything like mine, they spend a TON of time in their bedrooms. In fact, they typically only come out of their rooms for the occasional meal, snack, to ask for money, or for approval to go somewhere and spend said money. And often times, they send a text message to their mom or I requesting all of those things be delivered to them so they don’t even have to leave their rooms. 

But in crazy and uncertain times like these, it is of utmost importance that we prevent our kids from isolating themselves and help them process what is going on in the world around them. Here are three questions my wife and I try to ask our kids from time to time, and recently asked them over dinner in regard to our current situation:

  1. Give us three words that describe how your day was today?
  2. How are you feeling about the current health crisis going on around us today?
  3. Is there anything you need from us that would help you get through today? this week?

And remember, while you may not understand or agree with your students feelings, their feelings are valid. Help them unpack their feelings deeper. Ask clarifying questions. Empathize with them. But most importantly, thank them for being willing to be honest and for sharing with you! 

The Saddleback Parents Team
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